The Customer Voice : Black Box Agile

I am a customer. Software is not my job, but I need software for my business. I heard about agile, and I have bought the concept. I consider asking your company to write software for me. Thus…

  • I expect from you a good understanding of my business, my context, my requirements. I commit to spend all the time needed to explain it. As a matter of fact, I commit to tell everything which is needed to any relevant person, but I want to have direct access to the team members (even if they are subconstractors distributed all around the world)
  • I want to trade changes, switching User Stories based on their estimates, and I want you to be able to accept change all along (even if we are in a fixed price contract, you have to allow change). I will only accept objections based on cost, not on the fact that we said something different a few monthes ago.
  • I can understand that you have technical (or other) constraints, but I wan’t you to deliver value to me on a regular basis. You will demonstrate your software regularly and you will give me access to an environment were I can test it (I don’t care were it is or who is hosting what).
  • I expect us to meet regularly to find ways of improvement, on both side and as regards to our cooperation. I expect transparency and openess.

I don’t know much about software, it it like a black box for me, but I want agile properties. By the way, I am wondering : wouldn’t it be simpler if we were just a co-located, agile team working at my place, and in Time & Materials contract ?

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