Procastination and Responsibility

A short discussion with Christopher Avery (The Leadership Gift TM) about the Responsibility Process TM and Procastination

  • pierre_fauvel:@ChristopherAver I see a deep link between procastination and responsibility process. What do you think ?
  • ChristopherAver:@pierre_fauvel Yes, of course. Say more? How does The Responsibility Process inform procrastination?
    • pierre_fauvel:@ChristopherAver i feel that procastination lasts when you don’t fully take responsability, perhaps by fear of difficulty.
      • ChristopherAver:@pierre_fauvel That is well said. We see procrastination as a natural effect of Obligation. The individual could use better goals.
        • pierre_fauvel:@ChristopherAver i see also shame ( i don’t feel able to do it so i am stressed so i postpone the start )
          • ChristopherAver:@pierre_fauvel I can see that.
            • pierre_fauvel:@ChristopherAver As a procastinator how can i overcome faster those steps that prevent me to take action sooner ?
              • ChristopherAver:@pierre_fauvel Better goals. Find goals that support WHO you really are, WHY you are here, HOW you want to experience life.
                • pierre_fauvel:@ChristopherAver In other words : step back to jump into action quicker ;-
                  • ChristopherAver:@pierre_fauvel yes. If you are procrastinating then you don’t really really want what you think you do. Confront your intentions.
                    • pierre_fauvel:@ChristopherAver it has something to do with limitating beliefs, with actions taken more to reduce fear than to be really useful.
                    • pierre_fauvel:@ChristopherAver it has to do with improvisation : i am afraid of being not prepared but i am convinced that preparing too much is wrong.
                      • ChristopherAver:@pierre_fauvel So your advice is « do nothing »? That’s a Control Cycle event. #LeadershipGift
                        • pierre_fauvel:@ChristopherAver « trust yourself, you will start unconsciously when it is time, don’t fear to be late, start urgent things instead ».

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