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What is a retrospective ?

During a coaching session with @MaLainDa we had a short discussion about retrospectives. What is a retrospective ? More than that, why do we run and enjoy retrospectives ? What is at stake ? What happens ? Is it a … Lire la suite

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Project Portfolio game : Beyond budgeting, Finance, Kanban and Agile.

Absurdity of Budgeting One day, while I was coaching a project, I realised that the project team would be dissolved after the delivery of V1, and formed again, with different team members, for V2. You can imagine my reaction in … Lire la suite

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256 combinations of agile coaches #agile #coaching

This post has been translated into portugese by Marcelo L. Barros (@MLeiteBarros). Thanks ! I have the privilege to act as an agile coach in a huge French manufacturing company, along with other agile coaches like Laurent Carbonnaux, Pierrick Revol. I … Lire la suite

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My Own GTD Sprints

Since it has been asked for in english by Yves Hanoulle, this short post will be in english ;-) I started this summer a very simple experiment. I think that this should sound familliar to anybody practicing agile. I had … Lire la suite

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